Electron Dash


Electron Dash is a race with beautiful graphics, you will be entertained when participating in a fun race. The game has many attractive levels try it.

We kindly invite you to Electron Dash, where you may kill time by watching fast-paced racing. This video game won't let you down with its features. Every aspect of the game provides you with a wonderful experience. You could have already encountered one of these qualities in a different game you've played. But it's unusual to come across a game with all of these noteworthy attributes. Launch the game to get a taste of these crucial features!

This game's controls are simple to understand. The controls in this game are completely unimportant. It will be straightforward to play this game for the first time if you use the arrow keys or the AD keys to move. You must also use the W key, the up arrow key, or the spacebar to help your character leap. All of these control keys are regular keys. If you like playing online games, these keys will appear quite familiar to you. A novice will have little trouble picking up this enjoyable game.

Playing as an astronaut in this game lets you travel the boundless expanse of space. These routes are riddled with dangers and challenges. Your task is to steer this astronaut while attempting to avoid all hazards to achieve the highest score possible.

Control your character to pass through an endless tunnel. Moving through the tunnel is not blocked on either side. You may also leap in this tunnel to avoid colliding with anything or falling into space. In case you float out into space, the game is over.

The leap must be timed precisely in order to reach the target platforms safely. As much as you can, stay off of the light blue platforms and move only on solid platforms. You'll also need to synchronize your leaping prowess with your side-to-side motions to pass past difficult places. It is quite significant. More particular, the difficulty of the game increases as you go. Moving is more challenging now than it was when the tunnel first opened. You're lucky!

How to play

Use the mouse to move, go through all the stages, have fun playing the game.