Extreme Drift Car Sumillator


Extreme Drift Car Sumillator is a game in which players move through the city in brand new, expensive racing cars. Be the best driver and pass all levels.

Drive through busy roads or off-road if you want to utilize your car to escape the concrete and enjoy nature.

It's never been more fun to use the best car driving simulator; explore a whole new world of possibilities. At your leisure, wander the entire map, losing yourself in fresh encounters. Choose your favorite sports car, give it some awesome modifications, and start drifting.

To earn the maximum points, race your real sports car as fast as you can. Our newest car simulator gives you the ultimate driving experience. On top of that, do amazing stunts on bridges, homes, and skyscrapers while driving as swiftly as you can.

Prioritize honing your drifting skills in this 3D simulation above winning races. For each drift point you obtain in this game, you receive one additional reward. You are therefore free to bike as often as you desire. Your grades are drifting because there is no one else to compare them to but you. Locate the sparkling spots on the map, then go there to take missions.

You have a timeframe and a scoring objective to meet with these assignments. If you want the race to go on, you must keep your drifting within the racing area, spend your time wisely, and avoid finish lines. Obtain more points after reaching the goal to receive extra rewards.
Although it's less effective than taking on fast challenges, street dribbling is still a chance to get money. Navigate to the main menu, followed by the garage, when you feel you have enough money. Take a look at the various vehicles, unlock your favorites, and command the road in style!

How to play

Use the mouse to move and be the best racer.