Grenade Hit Stickman


Grenade Hit Stickman is an extremely attractive grenade throwing game. The game has many levels, your task is to throw grenades and destroy the enemy base.

You may enjoy throwing grenades at different stickman characters in the action game Grenade Hit Stickman. Destroying everything in the level will be the goal. Fly your enemies into the air, destroy their infrastructure and destroy their bases! As you go through the levels, you will unlock many different types of grenades throughout the game. Each grenade has its own unique characteristics such as flight path, explosion radius, and destructive force. When the grenade explodes, the box or board can be destroyed. Because of the realistic physics in the game, people hilariously fly away from explosives. The boxes can fall on top of each other or can be stacked.

Are you prepared for an amazing experience of orbital grenade shooting? Complete the levels and eliminate every obstacle in your way! Fly your enemies, destroy their infrastructure and destroy their bases! But be sure to kill them while carrying only a few grenades. Enjoy playing super grenade game.

You threw a grenade at a stickman in a previous era and saw it land. Destroy all who stand in your way by escaping the confines of the divine grenade game! Shoot the leader, take down fortresses, and burn enemy villages.

How to play

Use mouse to move, experience the game to be the best grenade thrower.