The GrindCraft clicker game focuses on crafting and has a Minecraft theme. You should improve your skills and collect other materials to make better products.

Play this stress-free game now! In this game, you have to choose an element in the Minecraft world to create an item and then grind it into different materials. First, you can cut down trees to create wooden tools to help you collect resources easier. There are 4 click boxes including overworld, mine, food, and mobs. Grind items in the inventory to produce different materials. Build wheat fields to make villagers and hire them to work for you to speed up collecting resources.

Combine a variety of resources to produce a lot of Minecraft tools, materials, and structures. Your achievements are recorded in the bottom left of the screen.

Create, craft, and automate

Gather resources

GrindCraft removes the 3D environment, allowing you to concentrate entirely on the crafting aspect of Minecraft. Starting with your fists, you may smash down trees for wood and begin gathering resources, exactly like in Minecraft's survival mode.

Improve your tools.

From there, you may create enough wood to produce wooden equipment like an ax and spade, which will make resource gathering simpler. Everything else is history.

The grind is divided into four click boxes. There are four of them: overworld, mine, food, and mobs. The range of products you may gather here is determined by the equipment you presently have. It won't show lava, for example, if you don't have a bucket to gather it. GrindCraft will display raw mineable materials at varying frequency based on their rarity.

Hire peasants to do your bidding.

When you have enough resources to develop a town, you may use villagers to significant increase output by automating your activity.

Features of Grindcraft:

  • Achievement records
  • Various items from Minecraft such as hammer, shovel, sword, pants, shirt, bow, horse
  • 2D-pixel art

How to play:

  • Use the mouse.