Healing Rush


 Healing Rush is an enjoyable idle game for singleplayer. Your mission is to control your character as a doctor to earn profit and enhance your workplace.

 Do you dare challenge yourself to become a doctor to cure people? Let's start this game to transform into a doctor to profit from the treatment.

 You need to move the patient to a hospital bed and get the essential medications before continuing with the treatment. When you have enough money saved up, you can pay other people to help you with the chores that were outlined earlier.

 When the hospital is fully operational, you will have the ability to expand both the number of beds and the total square footage of the facility. The hospital is always putting in new wings. When you enter a room, you bring with you two new diseases. This continues for as long as you stay there. Treating the greatest number of patients will result in the greatest financial gain.

 Features of Healing Rush

  • The exciting and addictive game
  • Idle and arcade game
  • Enhance your hospital

 How to control

  • Use your mouse to play the game.