Holeminator is a fun game in which you command a hole and remove any obstruction in your way. You ensure the ball arrives at its destination without incident.

In Holeminator you can bend reality. It's time to roll your ball through the most entertaining platform ever. Roll over the blocks to gather after taking your position and increasing your speed. Can you exclude whatever you observe?

This game will transport you to an other dimension and is a lot of fun. Blocks, holes, and the revolving ball will be the only things you have to contend with. When you are rolling your ball down the road, your main goal is to gather as many blocks as you can. Due of the little opening you have in front of your ball, this will be achievable.

By using your cursor and a left click, you must rotate the hole. The blocks will be absorbed by the hole if you touch them with it. Blocks might cause problems, so try to collect as many as you can. You will fail the level if you even accidently touch one block with your ball. Make careful to use the money you earn after each successful level to unlock the numerous balls and intricately designed holes. Let's see whether this game from another dimension will be enjoyable for you!

How to play

Use mouse to move, be the best player.