Hurakan City Driver HD


Hurakan City Driver HD a thrilling racer. Your objective is to execute stunts and drifts over the city, earn money to buy new automobiles, and get points.

Drive a stunning Lamborghini while executing jaw-dropping acrobatics and drifting through the busy city. Complete difficult goal objectives, earn money, and unlock every custom car in the game.

To take advantage of the opportunities, you are free to wander the city, gather drift points, and pass through portals. You can make money and use it to buy new sports cars by being in the right place at the right time.

Welcome to Hurakan City, a location created for drift racing records! You may quickly stop by the garage, get in your car, and start searching for problems. You support yourself by driving hard and refining your skills here. Accept jobs, take part in races, and complete them within the specified time and points to earn large bonuses. You may look up events on the streets, accept them near to them, and then proceed to the starting location and register for the challenge. The game mode varies based on the race.

While the drifting races are only available in the drifting mode, the game automatically switches you into the racing mode if you want to race to the finish line against or against the clock. Spend your money wisely and purchase new vehicles at the dealership to improve your game and increase your speed, acceleration braking and handling.

How to play

To maneuver, navigate the city, and become the best racer, use the keyboard.