Ice Queen


Ice Queen is an exciting adventure and puzzle game where you can explore the ice world while completing levels, collecting ice creams, and eating sweets.

In Ice Queen, complete the trip and save your queen! You must navigate this ice kingdom in order to meet with your queen. This is an exciting journey, but you can overcome any difficulties by thinking about your queen. So, are you prepared to travel through all of the stages and finish the journey?

There are 15 levels to accomplish in this adventure platform game. Each level concludes with you safely arriving at the igloo to meet the queen of your heart. To achieve your objectives, you will need to navigate the platforms. The path to the igloo at the conclusion of each level is usually obstructed by several doors and obstacles. The switches can be used to open these doors.

You can disable the switches yourself. To access the final door on each level, though, you must first gather the keys from the locals. Locals will ask for various items in exchange for the keys, so gather around to collect those items as well as the diamonds. You may also spend those gems to level up your character. Also, be wary of some animals and other obstacles that might cost you one of your three lives. Prepare to accomplish this 15-level adventure!

Immerse yourself in the world of Ice Queen as you progress through each level, overcoming each obstacle the game throws at you. Enjoy the game!

Features of Ice Queen Games

  • Great graphics
  • Beautiful landscapes
  • Various items

Released Date

Dec 09, 2021

How to control

  • Use Arrow Keys to control