Idle Painter


Idle Painter is a fascinating drawing idle game in which you need to buy and upgrade pens to draw paintings. Complete 93 different levels in this exciting game.

By participating in this game you can enjoy 93 different levels to paint pictures. Each picture is a rather different image. You can create pictures of beautiful birds, strong players or fresh fruits. Each picture represents a separate image. To unlock levels, you need to complete the previous level. For example, after you complete level 9, you can unlock level 10 to level 19. Once unlocked, you can play any level you want without following the order.

In this game, the pen will automatically draw and your task is to click to buy and upgrade the brushes. The more you draw, the more money you earn. Use this money to upgrade pen count, pen speed, earnings, pen width and offline modes. The more you upgrade, the more money you spend. However, the amount you get back is also more. You can also accelerate the speed by pressing the Speed ​​x2 button. Your drawing speed will be doubled. Note that your upgrades will be preserved in the next levels.

Features of Idle Painter

  • Easy controls and attractive gameplay
  • 93 levels with unique pictures
  • Buy and upgrade pens

How to play

  • Mouse clicks.