Laser Cannon 3


Laser Cannon 3 is really cool fun, third of the fun physics based shooting games and you can still help save the world, are you ready to test!!

Laser Cannon 3 new game series. New environments, creatures and tools. kill them! The exciting physics-based shooter Laser Cannon 3 is back and is now in its third phase. Once again, you can protect our world from a host of evil extraterrestrial species. Use your powerful cannon to complete each level and try to use as little ammo as possible.

The best option is to use fewer photos. Therefore, aim carefully before firing and make sure each bullet finds its intended target. You are the only one who can eliminate these quirky monsters, and they must be destroyed. Are you prepared for this serious mission?

They are cunning and often hide behind steel fences and in crevices. Only a skilled shot can knock them down. Do you fit the bill? Complete the stages of free online physics games and prove your accuracy. Use explosives to attack multiple enemies simultaneously and build a combo. The more stars you get, the fewer shots it takes to complete a level. Any physics-based puzzle can be played as many times as you like as the entire version of the game is accessible online for free with no limitations or subscriptions. Can you complete every target in the shooting game?

How to play

Use mouse to aim. Have fun playing the game, you will win.