Liquid Sort


Liquid Sort is a fascinating puzzle arcade game. In this game, your mission is to pour liquids into a tube to fill the tube with the same color liquids.

In this game, you have the task of filling the tubes by pouring liquids from one tube to another so that liquids of the same color can be in the same tube. Note that you can only merge liquids of the same colour. Liquids of different colors are not possible. For example, you can just pour red liquid together instead of merging red liquid with other liquids like green, blue, and yellow.

There are 100 levels with different challenges. Each level has a different number of pipes and a different number of colours. For example, you only need to complete two tubes with two different colors in level 2. However, the number of tubes and liquids will increase to 3 in the next level. The higher the level, the higher the difficulty. Can you conquer all 100 levels in this entertaining game? You can feel this game challenging the first time you play the game. However, once you get used to the gameplay, you can get through it more easily. Use your logical thinking to complete them. You will realize the fun and attraction of this game through each level. Have a nice time!

Features of Liquid Sort

  • The addictive puzzle arcade game
  • Colorful graphics and cool effects
  • 1oo different levels to conquer

How to play

  • Tap or click on the source tube to get and then the target tube to pour