Lost In The Maze


Lost In The Maze is an amazing adventure game where you have to explore the complicated mazes. You have to finish the missions before time is up.

Are you confident with your control skills, Lost In The Maze will challenge your skills? In this game, you lost in complicated mazes and have to explore the maze to escape from it. The difficult thing is limited time. If you can't explore the maze before the time runs out, your character will die. This game may take a lot of time, you can play the game to kill the time. Use the arrows or WASD keys to move the character, the maze will appear fought. You also need to take care of the enemies around you because you can be attacked. Let's use your great control skills and intelligence to explore all the mazes and pass all the levels.

Although the graphics are simple, the difficulty of Lost In The Maze will not let you down. Good luck!

Features of Lost In The Maze

  • Fun and exciting game with many exciting levels
  • Exploring the hidden mazes
  • Finish missions before time's up

How to control

Use arrow keys or WASD to move.