Meow Meow Life


Meow Meow Life you'll never get tired of admiring the adorable kitten in This little buddy, who you can care for, feed and play with, will make your day fun

Meow Meow Life if your life is wearing you out, simply be a cat, a gorgeous and content cat, and run around freely in the lovely open world!The game's details Do you wish to be a courageous and adorable kitty. Though challenging, life is also joyful. In the vast, stunning open world, you are free to run and hop around, explore the forest in search of food, hunt for little creatures, and catch frogs, chicks, mice, fighting dogs, and sheep. In this vibrant environment filled with difficulties, you can't even defeat a chicken. You have the option of playing in running mode as a kitten or as an adult cat.Meow will converse with you, stroll around, and occupy herself. Despite the fact that Meow is an independent cat, she still needs you to feed and play with her. If you don't, he'll become upset and tell you about it.Meow will appear on your screen as a cute cat.

The game is very simple, move the cursor around the screen to find the target, you will win, have fun!