Mining To Riches


Mining To Riches is a kind of simple mining game that is suitable for everyone to relax. This game brings the feeling of satisfaction for us. Let's play now!

This fun puzzle mining game has many different levels. Each level will have its own challenges. Our task is to dig tunnels for colorful balls to fall into the truck below. Dig tunnels so that the colored balls fall to the places with white balls. At that time, the white balls will turn into colorful balls. The more colorful balls you collect, the more stars you will get when you pass the level. Let's collect as many balls as possible to buy better cars. When you up level, you will face many different challenges. You may avoid them or use them as a way to pass the level. With the lively 3D graphics and interesting sounds, you will find this game so relaxing. Play right now and experience this joyful feeling!


  • Try to collect as many balls as possible
  • Use the obstacles to over the level in some cases.

Features of Mining To Riches:

  • Simple gameplay
  • Suitable for anyone who loves relaxing games
  • Eye-catching graphics
  • Interesting sounds

How to play

  • On the computer: Use your mouse to dig a tunnel
  • On the phone: Touch the screen and swipe to dig a tunnel