Money Rush 3D


Money Rush 3D is very attractive game. Your task is to collect money and shoot clothes during the game. The further you go the better and richer you become.

You can take a look at the difficulties that come with wealth in Money Rush 3D. Use this quiz to make stylish lifestyle choices while spending wisely. Buy to pave the way, save money to keep your feet on the ground and go the farthest possible distance!

How you use the benefits and drawbacks of wealth is entirely up to you. See if you can make it to the end while the audience chants your name while wearing a stylish outfit, carrying a bag and walking on this stage. You can hold your character to control it, but every second you do so costs money. You can move your character to one place and wait for the next line to arrive instead of holding your finger or mouse over her. By buying and wearing a piece of clothing, you can pass the line of dresses. As you get closer to the finish line, try to keep your selections stylish. To replenish your pocket, collect piles of coins lying on the ground. The longer you keep it filled, the higher your final score will be. Before taking the stage, complete your combo with some adorable wings and get some final piles of money. To see your top score, try the new skins. If you like this game enjoy it.

How to play

To win the race, use the mouse to move.