Moon Mission


Moon Mission is an attractive idle and arcade game in which you have to collect resources to provide energy for a rocket and take astronauts back to the Earth.

Your mission is to collect black resources and use them to build and create many other necessary resources to return to Earth. From the original black resources, you can build rigs, hire people to increase capacity, build farms to provide food for employees and build machines to process white resources. Besides that, you can also use the collected resources to buy other items to increase work productivity such as sleds, and chains.

After you have enough resources, you can choose to continue building a base on the moon or fly back to Earth.

This game has many different levels. Each level will require you to use a different amount of resources to return. Collect and complete quests!

Features of Moon Mission

  • Fun and superb idle game
  • Collect resources and build a base on the moon
  • Various levels

How to control

  • Slide your mouse to play the game.