Mr Bean: Solitaire Adventure


Mr Bean: Solitaire Adventure is an exciting adventure game with Mr bean. Come to this game to remove cards by choosing one lower or one higher card.

Tap or click on the target card to select it. In this game, your task is to destroy all the cards on the playing screen to complete a level. This card game has many different levels with its own challenges. When you join this game, you will be surprised by the variety of levels with different difficulties. In particular, when you reach level 50, you can unlock the Journey map to explore many famous cities around the world. You will start with the magnificent New York City. Completing each level means you have discovered a famous place in that city.

You need to choose a lower or higher card. For example, you can select the card of number 7 or number 9, if you have the main card of number 8. The main card is on the middle bottom of the screen.  If you don't have the next move, you can choose to store cards to add a card. The Mr bean card is also available. You can use this card to choose any other card next. You can redeem this card by buying it for 500 or doing streak bonuses to get a free Mr Bean card. You can get money by completing levels.

This game has attractive gameplay, easy controls and eye-catching graphics. You can relax with this fun card game while exploring and enjoying the views of famous cities and characters.

Features of Mr Bean: Solitaire Adventure

  • The variety of levels and challenges
  • Eye-catching and vivid graphics
  • Attractive gameplay and easy controls
  • Unlock the new map Journey

How to play

  • Tap or click on the target card