Ninja Pumpkin


Ninja Pumpkin is a fascinating adventure. If you like adventure and challenge then this is a great game for you. There are several levels to explore.

Gameplay Explanation

When you begin the round, you are greeted by pleasing visuals in green and blue. You proceed automatically. Your goal is to avoid being murdered. To leap, use the Up arrow, and to slide, use the Down arrow. When you double-tap the Jump button, you will be sent higher up.

Play Ninja Pumpkin and avoid obstacles.

The path is made up of platforms. They are, however, uneven, with holes and higher grounds to mount on. This is why you'll have to keep jumping to keep moving. Some platforms bob up and down. As a result, you must predict when to click the button.

Monster Classification

Jelly-like organisms are classified into three kinds. They exist on some systems and make progress more difficult. Take note of their hue. It will give you an idea of ​​how to approach them:

  • Red creatures are the least threatening. By landing on their tops, you can kill them. However, if you run into them, you will perish.
  • Yellow represents active creatures. They don't move but occasionally leap. It makes them more difficult to destroy. The best strategy would be to avoid all engagement.
  • The color black represents the most terrible foes. They are unconcerned by your attacks. Getting rid of them is not easy for you.

Levels of Complexity

There are ten rounds, which alternate automatically. When you first start, you only have two lives. For every 30 coins, you'll receive an additional one. When your HPs are depleted, you begin again from the first round. The final score is displayed after completion. It is determined by the total amount of coins gathered. In addition to the time required to finish the quest.

But before you can come here, you must first practice. You may try Ninja Pumpkin an unlimited number of times for free. Everyone can access it through our portal. Come play online with us.

This game runs flawlessly in current browsers and does not require installation.


Platforms are used to build routes. They are, however, uneven, have holes, and have higher platforms for mounting. This is why you'll have to jump all the time to keep going. Several platforms float in and out of view.

As a result, you must guess when to press the button.


  • English game language
  • 2 game modes
  • Surprising bonuses and surprises within pumpkins
  • Incredibly dynamic gameplay
  • Mysticism and a mystical environment
  • Ninja Pumpkin may be played online as an HTML5 game, so no download is required.

How to play

  • To jump, use the up arrow key on your keyboard or the up arrow on the right side of the screen, and to slide, press the down arrow key on your keyboard or the down arrow on the left side of the screen. Every 30 coins will provide you with one additional life.
  • This game features a total of ten levels. Your ultimate score is determined by the amount of time remaining at the conclusion of the level.