Paper Flight


Paper Flight is a fun paper airplane control game. Your mission is to control the plane to overcome obstacles. The more points you fly higher and farther.

In the captivating and addicting casual video game Paper Flight, your objective is to fly a paper airplane across the globe in an effort to realize a dream. Gain rewards to lengthen your flight and enhance your aircraft. Follow the tale as you navigate the world with basic controls and improve your aircraft to fly farther. Enter a charming 2D world while enjoying portable arcade action that is straightforward yet entertaining.

A game called Paper Flight was made to let you unwind and have fun with soft balloons. In order to protect the globe from wicked hot air balloon demons, you will take control of a little paper plane that must swiftly navigate through a horrible epidemic of them. You may play the game anyway you like since there is just one enemy the balloon, which isn't typically seen to be extremely hazardous.

Although things move quickly, the surroundings are often serene. This enables you to recline and take in the various levels and flying experiences. This game is a fantastic way to unwind after a long day at work.

How to play

Be the best player by using the mouse to maneuver, have fun