People Onet


People Onet is an addictive arcade game in which you need to match the same people's pictures together to eliminate them and complete the levels.

In this game, you have the task of saying the same pictures to remove them. You complete the level when all images of the residents have been cleared. After each level, you get 3 stars. Use collected stars to unlock the following levels. There are 111 levels for you to experience different challenges and difficulties. The next level is more challenging than the previous level. However, you can collect bonuses during the game to get hints when you get stuck.

The People Onet game is a new arcade game for enthusiasts of relaxing games. By participating in this game, you can entertain with various exciting stages after a hard-working day. In addition, there are simple mechanics and easy controls, so it is suitable for all ages to play. Let's start and enjoy this game!

Features of People Onet

  • Interesting gameplay, simple mechanics and easy controls
  • Colorful graphics and cool art animations
  • 11 levels with different challenges

How to play

  • Mouse click