Pichon: The Bouncy Bird


Pichon: The Bouncy Bird is a puzzle game that requires lightning-fast reflexes. You can arrange barriers, unlock locked doors and collect jewels using it.

This bouncy bird is traveling with us in Pichon! You take the role of a big bird in this platform puzzle game. Every level requires your help to unlock the door at the end. As a result, you are here. Can you help it find its way through these platforms and into its home? Good luck!

Our chubby bird got lost and ended up in some type of labyrinth. We are aiding her in getting there securely since she has go back home. We omitted some crucial information! She constantly bounces! consequently, managing and completing each level may be a little more difficult, but we believe in you! You can start the game right away by clicking the play button if you're sure you can save her.

Your objective is to place barriers, uncover locked doors, and collect the necessary diamonds to open the door at the end of each level. You can surely save her if you have quick reactions and appropriate timing. Each level has an escape door, but collecting the gems is necessary before you may use it. You can monitor the remaining time, lives, and jewels at the top of the screen. The quicker you finish a level, the more stars you receive. Good luck and have fun playing!

How to play

Use mouse to move, be the winning player.