Pop The Virus


 The game to relieve stress during the virus epidemic- Pop The Virus. We all hate viruses and need to kill the virus to get our life back to normal.
 Yes, those are three different words for calming. Activate as many COVID-19 virus cells as possible before the timer runs out. Tap quickly and often. Some viruses spread more slowly than others. That's because they're running, and they're also wearing surgical masks! How many Covid 19 viruses can you overcome? Because this is a game, all of the characters and references are fictitious.


  • This game is very simple. You will kill the virus by clicking on it. You need to be as quick as possible to keep up with the time. Shoot as many viruses as you can, within the time limit.
  • Viruses wearing masks will be more destroyed. So busy need to click many times to join together.

How to play

Click on the viruses to destroy.