Pubg Pixel


Pubg Pixel is a fun game that prepares your weapon for use. This is a difficult, large-scale war for life and death in which the lone survivor will prevail.

In Pubg Pixel, compete against other players to establish your domination! Prepare to face the challenges of playing against other online players in this multiplayer adventure. have the potential to be the ultimate survivor and the lone survivor.

Choose a location to assume the position, grab your weapons, and prepare to fire. Outlasting your rivals is the key to success in this tough game. Prior to starting a battle in the game, you can pick one of the 5 playable characters. It's just different skins, so don't expect any changes to the stats. Then, choose a map, and click the start button to begin.

Before the action begins, you have thirty seconds to grab a weapon and take a quick look around. When the timer expires, you'll fly into the map. Jump out, land, and then select the target for your next strike. Any other weapons you find are yours to keep. You'll win if you kill every other player and score the most points. Good luck!


  • Vibrant 3D images
  • Playing online multiplayer games
  • There are five unique character options.
  • Logical constraints

How to play

Use the mouse to move, be the last survivor. good luck.