Puppy Blast Life


Puppy Blast Lite is a fun puzzle game. With this game, you have to remove the squares by touching items of the same color near each other.

Welcome to the world of bright squares and riddles! Your goal is to link blocks of the same color that are near to one other in order to eliminate them. It's worth noting that you may get bonuses by flashing numerous blocks at once. These bonuses are even more damaging than normal.

Special, if you match 5 or 6 adjacent same-color blocks, you will get Missile power. This Missile has the ability to delete a row or column of blocks. You will receive a Bomb if you link 7 or 8 neighbors blocks of the same color. When you tap on this bomb, it will explode and damage numerous neighbor blocks. If you combine 9 or more blocks to form a Magic Cube. This Magic Cube will aid in the removal of all same-color blocks from the board. You can also combine two power-ups to produce the explosive power.

Tips for the game

When you destroy more blocks at once, you will get superpowers. When you destroy these superpowers, you will create big explosions with a large destruction range and get more points. Besides, you will also receive powerups after each round. Use them when you don't know what to do next.

Features of Puppy Blast Life

  • Fun puzzle game
  • Colorful and eye-catching graphics and great music
  • Level up

How to control

  • Click mouse