Raid Heroes: Sword And Magic


Raid Heroes: Sword And Magic game gathers the best team of heroes in the kingdom and fights against the army of the Dark Lord, are you ready for the mission?

Assemble the kingdom's greatest group of warriors against the Dark Lord's armies, consisting of orcs, elves, warlocks, and other evil spirits. Decide whichever hero you choose! Get and enhance weapons like bows, swords and knives. Face off against legions of zombies, rogues, orcs, pirates and assassins with your band of heroes. Keep other players away from your village. Build a castle in your town and defend it. Choose a target and attack other players' castles. Battle your team of heroes against the teams of other players in a player versus player, player to win arena! There are three acts in the epic battle story. There are countless fascinating stories in each episode. To raise your knight, assassin or other hero, collect prizes and tap tap.

The goal of the game is to assemble the best team of heroes to complete the story driven raid and overcome other opponents. To hire a hero, collect five of his cards. Click it or the FIGHT button during a raid to attack the opposing team. Place your heroes in the proper order on the battlefield, then press the FIGHT button. You can also control the movement speed of each hero if necessary. Click on the hero and move the slider to do this.

How to play

Use your mouse to aim at the target, wish you win.