Shadow Fighters: Hero Duel


Shadow Fighters: Hero Duel is a hand to hand combat game. The goal of the top fighting game in the world requires you to beat your opponent, become the best.

The combatants practiced in the shadows in preparation for the recent Shadow Warriors Hero Duel. These fighters can contend even when it is dark. Both powerful and gifted, they are. For this championship, eight boxers will square off. Any of the fighters is up for selection.

Defeat your shadow by moving faster than it does in Shadow Fighters: Hero Duel! from the shadow kingdom, hello. You were introduced to the game of your life in a spectacular clash. Make a convincing case against the person you've chosen.

Now is the moment for you to show off your combat prowess. This fighting game may be played in two main ways. Within a certain time limit, you can enjoy engaging in combat with your foe in the story mode. Up to the end of that time span, you must fight harder and more successfully than your adversary.

If you put forth more effort than your opponent, you will win the battle in the end. You may choose whether to compete against a robot or a friend on the same computer thanks to the 2-player feature in the vs mode. Choose your favorite well-known superhero, decide where you will stand throughout the conflict, and then give it your all to win!


  • 2D graphics with glow
  • Easy-to-use controls
  • A two-player mode is available.
  • A variety of people

How to play

Use the mouse to move, be the best player in the world.