Slice Them All 3D


Slice Them All! 3D is a really engaging cutting game. Take out your laser rifle, then cut through your enemies. Grow into a super sliced hero!

With a laser gun in Slice Them All 3D, you can eliminate your adversaries! You must protect humanity from the nefarious blue skeletons who are invading the earth! With your laser, can you slash the living dead, defend the defenseless, and banish evil from our world?

The destiny of all people is in your hands! An attack of skeletons has occurred despite no one expecting it. As more blue skeletons rise from the dead, the threat to mankind increases. Laser attacks, however, are a solution. Everyone will have hope if you manage to slash them with your unique weaponry and fighting maneuvers!

You only have a short time to prepare once you enter the field. Hold your weapon in place while aiming with your cursor. The vast bulk of the platforms are boxes. Some of these boxes provide cash bonuses, while others have explosives that will let you quickly kill the monsters. Wait until you are close enough to target an enemy and slash them with your quick hands before moving on to the next arena. Increase your gold supply and upgrade your weaponry in between games to become even more unstoppable.`


Vibrant 3D images

Games that are satisfying and addicting

Upgrades you can access

Weapon coverings

How to play

Use mouse to move, be the best player, super hero survive and be famous.