Snowball Destroyer


Snowball Destroyer is very attractive snowball game. In the game, the person who makes the farthest snowball will score the highest score and become the winner.

Start your frosty journey in Santa's hands and use Snowball Destroyer to grow to engulf a sizable city! Crush everything in your way, eat all the snow you can, and destroy every house, town, and city you come across! Let's see if you can get stronger with only one snowball!

Travel the world as a massive snowball that destroys everything it touches! Santa himself created you, and you have the strength and tenacity of snow! Simply keep rolling over the snowy areas until they get large enough to form walkways, then sweep them all away!

Click at the right time to launch the starting ball as far as possible. As a consequence, you will start with a higher distance score. Try to roll about while ingesting as much snow as you can. You can see how the colors of the objects change as you grow larger.

The rainbow objects can be broken, but the gray objects are unbreakable. Additionally, any of these gray objects that you touch will shatter your snowball, so always keep your reflexes swift in case the color changes. Watch quick commercials to increase your income, acquire upgrades to lengthen your time, and discover the future!


  • Vibrant 3D images
  • Unlocked advancements
  • Different map themes
  • absorbing game play
  • A touching Christmas motif

How to play

Be the best pitcher by using the mouse to move.