Snowball Racing


Snowball Racing is an amazing snowball rolling game. Your goal move as fast as you can to become the person holding the biggest ball. Be the best in the race.

Rolling about in the fluffy snow can help you win the enjoyable activity known as snowball racing. Every one of us is still a child at heart, playing the game of their desires. All you need to do is walk about while rolling a huge snowball to observe how things pan out.

You are put into a group of three strange stick characters in this game. Since the other two are your rivals, you must make snowballs more swiftly than them. Thankfully, you have a big arena that has been divided into many levels coated with snow. To travel about the platform and collect snow in your hands, just use your mouse.

You need to throw these snowballs because the snow you use to build the road in front of you will let you progress across platforms and eventually reach the level's finish line. You need to move more quickly than the other players to win the game. In order to knock the other stickmen over and give them their own snowballs, the stickman with the biggest snowball can always strike them. So keep an eye out for your rivals and maybe use this tactic to control the snowy roads!


  • Vibrant 3D images
  • Winter-themed, unhurried gameplay
  • Unlocked skins
  • Available start-up options

How to play

To be the best snowballer, move the keyboard to play! Wish you happy chiw.