Spooky Tripeaks


Spooky Tripeaks is a special version of Solitaire for Halloween. You must complete 100 levels.Jokers and other bonus cards might help to speed up the procedur.

One card game Spooky Tripeaks must be drawn from your stockpile at a time. To eliminate your drawn card from the game, choose the cards that are greater or lower in value than it.To complete a level, you must take out every card from the game board without exhausting your stockpile of cards.Get ready for a creepy game that will send chills down your spine because it's a frightful night at the solitaire cemetery. Inspired by our more amiable version of Solitaire, Halloween is a fun horror game based on the traditional card game. By matching the cards that are higher or lower with the cards displayed, you may uncover the ominous castle in this game. If you get stuck, don't worry; a helpful tip card will show you any successful moves. Even a rep is available to deliver you from imminent death. Get rid of your cards, then raise the castle
How to play is very simple, you use your keys to control, move the cursor around the screen to find the target, you will win, have fun!