Stick War: Infinity Duel


Stick War: Infinity Duel is a thrilling duo combat game. Your objective is to gather weapons and eliminate foes, and you must triumph over your opponent.

A fantastic war game is starting with Stick War: Infinity Duel. Grab the gun that is about to fall, take aim, and kill the enemy stickman. Weapons will periodically fall to the ground throughout the game. Grab someone right away, then take rapid action to defeat your adversary. Given that certain tracks are moving, maintain your equilibrium and attempt to avoid falling. Your only concern should be arming yourself and defeating your adversary. You can play the Stick War game with your friends at school thanks to its two-player option.

Grab your weapons for Stick War Infinity Duel's close battle! Your life's fight is about to start, and you must win against your foe. Are you equipped for an intensely lit combat with a powerful machine gun? The battle is about to begin, so take a seat!

In this game, the neon-like, dazzling stickmen cosmos will completely engulf you. On this platform, you will witness an epic battle between two of these stick figures. One is your personality, and the other is your rivalry. The two of you are fighting for your lives on a platform. Start off on either side of the platform. You two can approach one another after the countdown is over.

Utilize the weapons that are falling to you from the sky to attack your adversary. You move awkwardly and frequently find yourself hovering in the air. Your ability to duel is now put to use. Be sure to make precise movements and hit your target immediately. Consider utilizing the 2-player option to compete with friends who are also using the same computer. The winner is the person who wins the most games!

How to play

Use your mouse to move, be the winner.