Stickman That One Level


Stickman That One Level is an engaging and fun stickman game. Your goal is to escape the dangerous dungeon and complete all the levels, let's get started!

Get ready for Stickman That One Level to wow and annoy you at the same time! Play through the different, difficult iterations of the same level, learn novel coping mechanisms, and exercise your imagination with every new round! The same levels with different traps are seen when you pass the gate and uncover the platform's hidden components.

You've entered the worst nightmare of all—a never-ending jail filled with terrifying traps! You'll get to assume all the roles, from prisoner to ghost, and discover a different way to escape from each level. Just remember that you'll never stray from the running side.

There is no way to fight the opponents, so concentrate on running away as quickly as you can without getting hit. Although the attacker only needs to strike you once to kill you, this game is aimed to instill perseverance in you. By selecting "Retry," you can start the level over.

You can always see a fast ad to skip a level, but keep in mind that you won't get the option to go back and solve the stage's puzzle. Move doors and blocks, avoid lasers, command your character's clones, and continue thinking up creative ways to survive! I wish you luck!

How to play

Use the mouse to move you can also be the best player.