Sword Master 3D Easy


Sword Master 3D Easy is fascinating game. Your mission is to prove your knife prowess so that you can decapitate the villains! Let's pass all the levels.

Cut up the bad guys with Sword Master 3D! Do you have confidence in your swordplay? In this exhilarating stickman combat game, flaunt your prowess and establish yourself.

Sharpen your edge, sword master! Finally, the samurai adventure can begin! We appreciate your visit to Sword Master 3D! All you have to do to play this fun arcade game is dash, slash, and slice! Can you provide evidence that you truly possess Sword hit mastery? By fighting back enormous suricens and slicing flying bullets, you may slow down time and vanquish your stickman foes. The game is really simple to play. You only need to swipe across the phone screen to cut the dummy in half.

As you go through a variety of stages, you will travel a platform while observing everything from the perspective of the main stickman character. You can use the sword your character is holding even if it can only be seen by clicking left and dragging the mouse across the level. Your objective is to sever the awful attackers that are aiming to hurt you.

If you don't fight them before running into them, you will be injured by them and end up failing the level. Because of this, exercise caution while attacking a stickman who is moving and be mindful that some stickmen may be carrying weapons like rifles or throwing knives. You have to cut up those blades or bullets as well before the stickmen show up. Don't worry if you are harmed since you can recover by watching a paid advertising. Use the money you make to buy several exotic swords to spice up the game!

How to play

Use mouse to move, be the best player. Always make yourself happy while playing and play it often.