Tallman Run


Tallman Run is navigation game with beautiful graphics. Run fast to the final track collect every diamond you can. To go higher and wider, increase boosters.

Tallman Run gives you the ability to face off against a powerful boss by running on a platform that is elevated above the ground and growing in size. You can reach the finish line, finish the final course, and grab every diamond in your path by picking up boosters to make yourself higher and wider. Learn more about this intriguing race!

Height matters more than speed in this race. Have you ever tried anything else than milk and eight hours of sleep, like going through portals that increase your height? You advance in this field by doing this. To enlarge your muscles, you must travel through the green portals while avoiding bombs and traps and collecting growth boosters. To reach the score multiplier without losing all of your strength and height, use trampolines to jump over obstacles, sneak through red portals, and cross over enemies.

When you get there, you'll be evaluated and start to get shorter and heavier as you move. Even if you are unable to reach the monster, you can still complete the level. However, if you manage to kill the monster by punching him in the face, you'll receive a delicious diamond reward. By viewing a brief ad, you might increase your final discover and raise your diamonds by five! Play well and enjoy yourself.

How to play

Use mouse to move. Be the best and fun player.