The Smurfs Cooking


The Smurfs Cooking is a fun game for those who love to cook. It is your responsibility to provide each customer who enters the store with appropriate food.

Help Chef Smurf get ready for the community celebration in this Smurfs cooking game. Use baking to make doughnuts, pancakes, and cupcakes. Your muffins, cakes, and biscuits can be embellished with icing and jam in addition to tea, fruit punch, and other beverages. You have to serve each Smurf that stops by your booth with the proper food in order to finish each level. Choose the proper drinks for each order, then prepare the delectable treats in the oven and quickly decorate them.

Give your kitchen a little Smurf power with The Smurfs Cooking! You have a larger responsibility than ever to deliver superior chef service to the Smurfs' Village as Chef Smurf's helper.

Today, Smurfs' Village is in for another adventure. You will be helping Chef Smurf this time around to serve delicious food and make everyone happy. Enter the kitchen, where everything is simple to manage. You'll see other Smurfs coming and going with orders for items like hot drinks and pastries.

You have to have everything ready in advance and serve them as soon as you can. Furthermore, you need to prepare the right orders because the wrong ones will be worthless. By paying close attention to your tools and supplies, you can ensure that every Smurf leaves your kitchen happy. Try to complete the levels in this lovely town as far as you can!

How to play

Use mouse to move, be the best chef.