TNT TAP Arcade Game


TNT TAP Arcade Game is a fun one-touch decoding game. Your task is to click on each TNT crate. The crates are about to explode and you have to click on them.

This is a game with simple gameplay but extremely fun. You need to race against time to destroy the TNT tanks that are turning red. Because they're about to explode. you need to watch and click quickly or they explode and the nearby TNT crates also disappear. you need to preserve the number of TNT crates. Keep the TNT containers intact.


TNT TAP Arcade Game has simple gameplay but requires players to have quick reactions and good observation skills.
There are times when a lot of containers together signal that they are about to explode and turn red. Keep calm and quickly click on them one by one. Because when you lose your temper, it will lead to mistakenly jacking the normal TNT container.

If you don't tap the container in time, it will explode and your game will be ended. The more time you spend preventing a barrel from bursting in this online explosion game, the higher your score. In this infinite tap game, set a challenge for yourself, break your record, and play indefinitely.


November 2021


Web browser (Desktop and Mobile)

How to play

  • This game is completely free to play. You may play this game on your computer using your mouse or the ARROW keys on your keyboard.
  • You may play this game on your mobile phone or tablet's touch screen by tapping or swiping. The game should be able to fit on your screen. If you receive a notification regarding the alignment of your phone or tablet, please rotate it to adjust the orientation.
  • If required, refresh the page.
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