Tom Clancy's Shootout


Tom Clancy's Shootout is the best shooting game. Enter the most intense training ground. By shooting accurately get the highest score in the world!

You may participate in the future simulation in Tom Clancy's Shootout! You are no longer need to use your imagination to predict what will happen in the virtual world. Let's go to the shooting range to evaluate your capacity for acclimating to strange surroundings!

In this shooting game, you'll assume the role of a participant in a simulation program. Since you can move the mouse around from a fixed position to look around and target the cardboard violators, you don't need to worry about where you are. Keep in mind that some of the cardboard characters that appear in front of you could be innocent, so be careful not to shoot any of them. You should fire at different body parts to eliminate the cardboard thieves since they might be hiding in different guises.

Keep in mind that other gamers from across the world are also taking part in this virtual fighting zone, and your rating will depend on how many criminals you were able to take down. Increase the weapons of your warriors and unlock better fighters with the money you've accumulated to succeed more than before!

Kill the drones before the other players do to get better weapons. Pick the best operator to get the highest rating possible!

How to play

Use the mouse to move, you can win, be a happy player.