Traffic Jam 3D


Traffic Jam 3D is the most bizarre and exciting racing game. Get the maximum score possible by trying to reach the checkpoints on time in your quest.

Prepare yourself for the most bizarre and thrilling racing game you've ever experienced. You can try to reach the checkpoints on schedule, get a specific score in a set amount of time, or go a set distance in a set amount of time. So if you want fun and excitement, buckle yourself in and play traffic jam 3D!

You may be as risk-taking as you want this time, but safety should always come first. On these roads, keep your hands on the wheel and accelerate quickly. After taking care of yourself, continue your journey!

Here is a fun game that mimics driving a vehicle. You may enjoy the nicest parts of your journey from the comfort of the driver's seat. Keep an eye on the mirror to move quickly and avoid collisions.

Even if you travel faster, your appreciation of the experience will increase. There are four various games available. The game offers career, unlimited, time-against, and free modes. From the options for the city, desert, or highway, pick a place.

The time of day and whether the road is one-way or two-way are choices. The rest is up to you and your level of driving safety. Drive erratically, change lanes, and attempt to avoid colliding with other vehicles.

How to play

Use mouse to move, be the best player in the race.