Train is a fun puzzle game in which you have to control your train to collect all the people on the way and avoid collisions. It's a simple and fun game.

Train will take you on a new adventure! Chop chop! You may become a conductor in a new type of puzzle game. You will now attempt to solve a traditional puzzle game while still controlling the train's itinerary. Are you prepared to handle everything all at once?

You will be given a succession of stages, each of which has a distinct type of maze. These mazes are miniature reproductions of several communities. That is why you will observe some people waiting for the train to arrive. Your job is to pass by all the folks and pick them up one by one by traveling via all the necessary streets. Simply pick the way to go in when presented with alternatives at each intersection. When you've finally convinced everyone in the area to board your train, you may go to the next level.

You will win money for each success. Feel free to spend that money on new trains. This is a relaxing and enjoyable game with several levels to explore. However, one word of caution might be useful. The train grows longer with each new batch of passengers. So, avoid collisions and plan your actions carefully!

There are various people in many different areas. You need to go across all these areas to gather all passengers. Then, you can proceed to the next levels with different maps and topographies. The mechanics are simple but exciting to play. Let's press the start button and experience great moments with Train!

Features of Train game

  • Fun and exciting gameplay
  • Simple mechanics
  • Various levels with many different maps

How to control

  • Swipe your mouse or use arrow keys to control your train.