Two Punk Racing


Two Punk Racing is very attractive sports car racing game. Your mission is to pass all the levels and the strongest opponents in the world score the highest.

The neon streets of the future metropolis are waiting for you in Two Punk Racing. Some people could imagine a future with flying automobiles. The automobiles you'll drive in this game are quicker and more powerful even though they still behave like conventional cars. Enter one and prove to others that you are the master of these difficult songs by completing all the stages.

There are two game types available in this one, each with a distinct goal. the opening mode in the solo mode. In this mode, your goal is to complete each level before the timer expires. The second game is the 2-player mode, in which you compete with a friend to cross the finish line first. choose one of the stages.

You should choose an automobile to drive before you start driving. There are 7 distinct vehicles in the game. There are initially just 2 of them accessible. As you finish one level, you can unlock the rest. You can see the level you're on, how much time is left, and the nitro boost meter on the right side of the screen. As fast speeds are not always your friend, use nitro carefully! Remain focused on the road!

How to play

Use mouse to move, be the best player.