Vex 4


Vex 4 is an engaging game with beautiful graphics, creative and fun use. The game when you navigate the dangerous obstacles in front of you and try to be the best player.

The tough platform levels in Vex 4 will drive you crazy! Get ready to race at the highest speeds imaginable, jump across perilous ravines, evade deadly traps, and get to the peak a fourth time! Allow the adrenaline to control your body and your movements as you leap over the many obstacles and achieve your goal. Exercise those muscles while wearing your running shoes! We will confront the Vex universe!

The fourth game in the wildly popular series, Vex 4, is now available! You can't anticipate levels filled with intricate traps and other obstacles, as well as gameplay that is packed with action. Similar to past games in the series, your objective is to complete each level (often referred to as an act) in the Vex world. Vex 4 consists of a total of 9 acts, and each one features challenging riddles and hidden hazards that must be. You are faced with peril at every step. The controls for the game are simple but adaptable. Press the left and right arrow keys or the AD keys to move around. To jump, press the W key or the up arrow key. There are occasionally narrow corridors in the Vex world. When crouching, use the down arrow key or the S key to slide or crawl through such little openings. The S key or the down arrow key must also be used to enter the actions. Once you are at the doorway, press down.

Use your mouse to view the region around the current location of your character. When the next platform or trap is above you, below you, or not immediately visible on your screen, this can be quite helpful. By successfully completing the many obstacles indicated at the bottom of the screen, you can unlock the Hard Mode version of each act. Run on and prove your superiority to them!

How to play

Use mouse to move, be the best player and have fun.