Zombie Monster Truck


Zombie Monster Truck drive through 12 stages consists of 3 levels which you have to finish with selected must upgrade the car constantly complete the levels

Zombie Monster Truck is the game you have to must accomplish three levels in each of the 12 stages with the vehicle of your choice. To finish the stages, you must continually enhance the vehicle. A new automobile is unlocked along with each successive step. Try each one. 12 cars 12 distinct places Zombies conceal chests. Finish every level. With every run, earn money to enhance your vehicle and travel farther. On the route to your target, there are a lot of zombies and other challenges. For more goodies, complete daily tasks or gather every hidden treasure. If you don't improve the automobiles, you won't be able to leave. In Zombie Monster Truck you will be immersed in a captivating game environment with breathtaking sights. to achieve a high grade. Enjoy the 3D graphics and great scores in these games! You may play the large collection of games, which has hundreds of tables and playing options, for free. Beat your personal best, take on your opponents, Playing Zombie Monster Truck is enjoyable for players of all ages.

How to play

Use the four arrow keys on the keyboard to play the game, Have fun playing the game , you will win, have fun