Slashville3D is a fascinating arcade game based on the adventure theme. In this game, you need to collect tomatoes and eliminate creatures to build your town.

Control your character by sliding your mouse to move the character. Your character is a strong man with a big cane. He can automatically interact with everything when moving to that area and the stick plays an important role because it helps your character fight and harvest.

In this game, you need to harvest as many tomatoes as possible to unlock different bases in your town. You can harvest tomatoes from existing tomato gardens or unlock new tomato gardens. Unlocked tomato gardens will yield more tomatoes at a faster rate. You can unlock medical bases, pet bases, item bases, and upgrade bases. Each base has its own effect. Besides, you can go on adventures outside of town where there are creatures to destroy. You need to destroy all creatures to complete the level and collect gold coins. There are many levels with different numbers of creatures. They can attack you and cause your health stats to drop. Go back to town and go to the health base to recover.

Features of Slashville3D

  • Easy controls and simple mechanics
  • The addictive and attractive adventure game
  • Various levels to fight
  • Upgrade your town with unique bases

How to play

  • Slide your mouse.